MySQL Database Manager using PHP

Few weeks back, I was working on a project and I was using MySQL server for Data Management. Now my friends were a part of projects who wanted to modify the Database which I had created.

They asked me if I can give the access to database. But the problem was I was having issues with giving permissions as it is hosted on Azure. It was a headache for me, as I had to make all the of my friends as the contributors for MySQL database.


Delete Internet Explorer history using context menu

Two weeks back I gave a triage on a certain topic. It involved deleting history of the Internet Explorer again and again. I was really irritated to delete history again and again! Pretty tough job right, because we need to go to IE > Options > General > Delete history > Select all > Delete. Irritating!

What I did was, I just wrote a one liner code for deleting history of IE using c++ and created an executive file.