Welcome Note

We are so pleased to finally have our own website up and running – it has been a lot of fun being involved in the design and development of the site and we really hope you enjoy it.

We wanted the site to be simple to use, sophisticated and most of all fan-friendly,


MySQL Database Manager using PHP

Few weeks back, I was working on a project and I was using MySQL server for Data Management. Now my friends were a part of projects who wanted to modify the Database which I had created.

They asked me if I can give the access to database. But the problem was I was having issues with giving permissions as it is hosted on Azure. It was a headache for me, as I had to make all the of my friends as the contributors for MySQL database.


Delete Internet Explorer history using context menu

Two weeks back I gave a triage on a certain topic. It involved deleting history of the Internet Explorer again and again. I was really irritated to delete history again and again! Pretty tough job right, because we need to go to IE > Options > General > Delete history > Select all > Delete. Irritating!

What I did was, I just wrote a one liner code for deleting history of IE using c++ and created an executive file.